Jimmy Savile and how the Neo liberal right encouraged the sexualisation of our children

Jimmy Savile and how the Neo liberal right encouraged the sexualisation of our children

Back in 1978, an organisation called the Paedophile Information Exchange affiliated itself to the National Council for Civil Liberties — known today as Liberty. PIE — whose members were reportedly attracted to boys and girls — set out to make paedophilia respectable.
    It campaigned to reduce the age of consent and resist controls on child pornography. Until it excluded PIE in 1983, the NCCL thus backed this disgusting agenda of child abuse.
    Indeed, even before PIE was affiliated to it, the NCCL was campaigning to liberalise paedophilia and reduce the age of sexual consent to 14. In 1976, the NCCL argued ‘childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in with an adult, result in no identifiable damage’. And in 1977 it said: ‘NCCL has no policy on [PIE’s] aims, other than the evidence that children are harmed if, after a mutual relationship with an adult, they are exposed to the attentions of th…

"I can't support Miliband as he is the wrong type of Jew" Maureen Lipman 2014

This is from The Guardian 2014

Actor Maureen Lipman has abandoned a lifetime’s support of Labour and announced she would vote for “almost any other” party at the general election, partly in protest at Ed Miliband’s support for recognising the Palestinian state. The star of stage and screen gave a dim assessment of the present shadow cabinet, telling Standpoint magazine: “The Chuka Harman Burnham Hunt Balls brigade? I can’t, in all seriousness, go into a booth and put my mark on any one of them.” “For the first time in five decades, I shall not be voting Labour because I can not support Palestine and because Miliband is the wrong kind of Jew.”
But the prominent Jew reserved her most hostile comments for the Labour leader’s decision to back a symbolic Commons vote in favour of recognising the state of Palestinealongside Israel. And she said she had a “sneaking suspicion” that David Miliband – who was unexpectedly beaten to the leadership by his brother in 2010 – “may return strengthene…

EXCLUSIVE: Cambridge Analytics Scandal linked to BLAIRITE'S and NEW LABOUR


Bell Pottinger Private (legally BPP Communications Ltd.; informally Bell Pottinger) was a British multinationalpublic relationsreputation management and marketing company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. On 12 September 2017 it went into administration (bankruptcy) as a consequence of a scandal caused by some of its activities in South Africa. Bell Pottinger offered services such as lobbying, speech writing, reputation management, and search engine optimisationto clients including companies, governments and rich individuals. It was the largest UK-based public relations consultancy measured by 2010 fee income Lord Bell, who advised Margaret Thatcher on media matters, was a co-founder of Bell Pottinger, which, until July 2012, was a wholly owned subsidiary of Chime Communications plc. In June 2012, Lord Bell and Bell Pottinger CEO James Henderson completed a £19.6…

Right Wingers blaming the Queen for Jayda and Paul's imprisonment

Thick right wingers are blaming the Queen for Paul Golding and Jayda Fransens Imprisonment.

The leaders of the far-right group Britain First have been jailed for a series of hate crimes against Muslims. The group’s leader, Paul Golding, was sentenced to 18 weeks in prison, while deputy, Jayda Fransen, was sentenced to 36 weeks on Wednesday. They had each been found guilty of religiously aggravated harassment at Folkestone magistrate’s court earlier the same day. “These defendants were not merely exercising their right to free speech but were instead aiming religiously aggravated abuse at innocent members of the public,” the prosecutor told the court. They were both arrested in May last year as part of an investigation into the distribution of leaflets and online videos posted during a trial at Canterbury crown court in the same month. But Britain First and the Far Right are blaming the Queen for the simple reason its the "Queens Court".

UPDATED: Ex National Front members are openly supporting the Tory Party

Terrorist group (Neo Nazis) National Front's ex members are openly supporting the Tory Party but they aren't the only ones...
... They also have the backing of ex BNP members and Britain First extremists. 
Britain First
Britain First is a British fascist organisation formed in 2011 by former members of the British National Party(BNP). A part of the far-right, the group was founded by Jim Dowson, an anti-abortion campaigner linked to Ulster loyalistgroups in Northern Ireland.The organisation's leader is former BNP councillor Paul Golding, and its deputy leader is Jayda Fransen.
Jo Cox a Labour MP was murdered by a Britain First extremist. On 16 June 2016, Cox died after being shot and stabbed multiple times in Birstall, where she had been due to hold a constituency surgery. Thomas Mair, a man associated with far-right organisations, was found guilty of her murder in November and sentenced to life imprisonment with a whole life order.
Britain First's leader Paul Golding